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Fundraising for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Day

March is filled with holidays and national days, some of which people aren´t aware of.  In this month, there are days such as Plant a Flower Day, Read Aloud Day, and National Peanut Butter Lovers Day, but one of the most important days of the month is National Women and Girl´s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  One way to commemorate this day is to raise money for the cause.  If you´re interested in raising awareness this year, you can hold a fundraiser at a gala-fundraiser facility in Westchester.  Here are some of the ways that you can raise money at the gala-fundraiser facility in Westchester.  (Related topic: venue rental in Westchester)

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5k Run

One way to raise money in your community is to hold a 5k run in which everyone who participates will pay a fee that will be donated to the cause.  After the run, you can invite everyone back to the gala-fundraiser facility in Westchester, where you can offer food and entertainment.


Talent Show

This is a fun way to get your community involved!  Have members of your community sign up for the talent show and then sell tickets for a set price.


Dinner Night

Encourage your community to attend a fancy dinner at the gala-fundraiser facility in Westchester.  Most people will be excited to have a reason to dress up and have a nice night out.  Sell each plate of food for a set price to reach your fundraising goals.



Ask volunteers, staff, and local businesses to donate gift cards, money, or activities, such as a free massage, to the raffle.  Local businesses will usually want to participate because it gives back to a good cause, while advertising their business.  Next, invite your guests to the gala-fundraiser facility in Westchester and have them purchase raffle tickets.

Not only will your donation go to a good cause, but it will unite your community and offer a fun night for everyone.  To raise awareness for National Women and Girl´s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, make sure to book a gala-fundraiser facility in Westchester that can accommodate the needs of your event.