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Whilst everyone’s thinking about the party, the brunch, the gifts and how to sneak in to their father bedroom to surprise him with breakfast in bed, many have forgotten about what makes father’s day really special: the dads; who, in most cases, would like less expensive gifts and elaborated celebrations and more time for relaxing and peace of mind.

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Here are 3 things that can make Father’s Day the best day for your dad:

  • Keep your focus on him

    We know you want to plan the perfect father’s day ever for your dad but what he needs the most is to feel free and encouraged to choose whatever he wants. So, if instead of going to a fancy brunch he just wants to stay in bed eating snacks and watching his favorite Netflix show, leave him be and offer to prepare snacks for him or bring him another beverage.

    Keep in mind that this day should be about him and what he wants to do, so try to tune in and tag along with whatever he decides to do for the day. Maybe he wants to catch a game of his favorite team with you or perhaps he wants to go on a hike with the entire family. He could even want to spend a spa day on his own just relaxing away from home, and, if that’s the case, you and your family should support him and indulge him, which not only shows that you care about what he wants but also that you want to show him gratitude in the most thoughtful way you can.

  • Make room for romance

    Being a dad is a full-time job: not 40 hours a week full time but rather 24/7 full time. This job can also be stressful, frustrating, challenging and difficult just like any other job. Providing for the family, being a caregiver, a role model for the children and a supporting companion for his life partner can be as energy-absorbing and time-consuming as you may think, if not more.

    Of course, this can leave very little to no time and resources to also be a lover and connect on a more intimate level with their spouse. So give your parents some alone time on father’s day or show your gratitude to the father of your children by taking some time to be alone and reconnect.

  • Celebrate him

    Fathers make all sorts of sacrifices for their children and it’s only fair if we show them how much we appreciate them for it. Remind him how much you need him and how grateful you are he’s your dad and he invests all that time, energy and effort in you and your future. To show your thoughtfulness, you can write him a thank-you note, choosing or making a gift that has been thought especially for him.

    Be thankful in whatever way you can and don’t forget that one day you’ll be a parent yourself, and these small gestures can make a huge difference. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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