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How Air Travel Can Potentially Affect Packages

Mailing systems and logistics are improving, although when sending any package, you may be at risk of damages and even potentially losing the parcel. These factors alone are things that you need to think about but when a package is sent on an airplane, you need to take into consideration even more potential changes. This article will specify what characteristics will change on a plane, how they may affect your parcel and how you can maintain the quality of your package. (Related topics: military tape, protective packaging, VCI paper)

The change in characteristics of an airplane is much different than those on the ground. As the altitude gets higher, there is a decrease in temperature and cabin pressure is increased significantly. Also, there will be more handling from different people along the journey, meaning there are more things that can go potentially go wrong. So, the key is to prepare as much as you can beforehand to protect your parcel.

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Metals are susceptible to damage by rust overtime. Rust is caused by oxygen and moisture in the air, and on an airplane, these conditions are very likely to occur. You can protect your items by covering them in VCI paper to stop any rust forming.



Many items you may want to send can be susceptible to damage from moisture. It is an issue you don’t think you will come across in an airplane as the air is very dry at higher altitudes. However, moisture in the storage compartment is common, due to the colder temperatures found here from the air conditioning output. Moisture barrier bags and desiccant packs are very suitable measures for protecting any package from moisture.


Cold Temperatures

If you are sending temperature-sensitive items in your package, you will need to make sure you protect it sufficiently as the storage compartments on an airplane are very cold.


Forceful Impact

With many hands moving your package, there is more chance of your package being mishandled and potentially damaged due to impact. You should seek to only use high-quality packaging for delicate items along with required labels to help promote a safer journey for your package.

To overcome the issues with any packages you send in an aircraft, you need to understand what risks you may face. This article has shown some risks, and hopefully, it has helped you further understand the importance of good quality packaging and preparation.