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How Humidity Can Impact Your Package

When sending a package in the mail, you may not be aware of the elements it must face during the transit. A common effect found that could be very detrimental to many packages, is humidity. To understand the impact humidity can have on your package, this article will highlight the common effects associated with it. (Related topics: military tape, anti-static bags, VCI paper)

You can protect your package sufficiently against humidity with specific measures in place. By utilizing volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) bags, moisture barrier bags, or desiccant packs, along with military-grade outer packaging, you can avoid damages to your package from humidity. These protection measures are also much easier to find than initially thought, and they also hold affordable price tags.

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Potential Corrosion to Metal Parts

The weak point of many metals is how, over time, moisture and humidity can lead to rust, subsequently weakening the structure. If sending a valuable metal item in the mail, it may be exposed to humid conditions.


High Chance of Electronics Failure

Electronics are especially susceptible to damages from humidity. Once humidity and moisture get inside the circuitry, the balances of the components will change, eventually leading to complete failure. In the mail, an electronic item is much more likely to get affected by humid conditions.


Can Affect Package Integrity

When the majority of people send a package in the mail, standard packaging will be used, and usually, it is enough to secure the package. However, when under humid conditions, the tape can start to peel off and the outer package layer (if cardboard) can weaken. For longer journeys, generic packaging may lose all security.

For the majority of the time, you may not require military-grade packaging to send a package. However, there will be circumstances where you must take the initiative to protect a package from damage such as humidity. Hopefully, you can take some valuable information in this article and use it when you send your next important package.