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How Important Is Physical Activity for Children?

The younger generation of today is continuously growing further and further away from the more traditional childhood routes, that is immersed by nature, physical interaction and finding happiness in the small things in life. In today’s age, we tend to opt for a more sedentary life with the addition of technology, and it is relaying onto our children. For this reason, this article will take a look at how important physical activity is for children and evaluate if parents today are doing enough to keep their children active, while also showing how you can get them to move more. (Related topics: birthday packages, kids parties, family fun)

Children are always growing, which means that their body is constantly changing, and the body needs to adapt to these new changes. The functioning of our bodies works together in harmony in order to operate efficiently, meaning that if some areas aren’t working correctly, in this case, muscles and tendons aren’t moving consistently, muscles and tendons can start to seize, and mobility can be decreased (giving aches and pains).

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Furthermore, the body needs to be moving constantly as that is what it is made to do. Most aches and pains are caused due to inactivity and living far too sedentary. People who exercise often will notice that these aches and pains start to disappear after a short while. With that being said, parents don’t need to put their children through an intense exercise to help their body become more fluid; simply encouraging your children to play outdoors, play sports and general running around is more than enough.

A big reason why many of the children today are becoming more and more sedentary in contrast to children 15+ years ago is largely down to the advances in technology. Today you can have a device that can perform many different functions, keeping anyone busy for a long period of time and not moving. Children especially will be more inclined to play phone and computer games, rather than playing outdoors.

As a parent, you have a responsibility to ensure your children are still participating in some form of exercise to allow their bodies to function properly and prevent aches and pains that can cause multiple problems later on in life. The activities that you need to do don’t necessarily need to be so intense, and you can make them very fun. You can practice activities such as rock climbing, sports teams, bowling, soft play areas, hiking, etc.

To summarize, parents have many things to do in life and it may be difficult to stay on top of everything, leading to many parents forgetting things like ensuring that their children are actively moving and allowing their bodies to be functioning as they should be.