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How to Incorporate Wedding Crowns into Your Big Day

What would a wedding be without flowers? Every bride-to-be wants to have beautiful flowers for their big day. The right wedding floral arrangements can take a wedding to an entirely new level. There are so many different ways to use wedding flowers to your advantage. Some people are even taking wedding flowers and using them in non-traditional ways. For example, wedding crowns have become a popular way to feature beautiful flowers in a wearable way. Below, we are going to help you understand how to incorporate wedding crowns into your big day.

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  1. Choose Strong Flowers

One of the worst things that can occur when you are trying to use flower crowns for your wedding is having flowers that are wilting. You should choose flowers that are hardy and won’t easily wilt when they are outside of water. By choosing strong flowers, you can make sure that whoever is wearing the flower crowns will look great all day long. Keep in mind that you can use wedding flowers in North Salem, NY, to create flower crowns for brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls. They are a versatile option for making your wedding truly memorable.


  1. Consider the Size of the Flower Crown

If you are thinking about flower crowns for your big day, remember that the size of the flower crown will have a big impact. You want the flower crown to compliment the person wearing it. The crown will show up in all of the wedding photos, so make sure it isn’t too big. You also want the flower crown to work well with the bridal hairstyle. Make sure you try the crown on before the big day and take a few photos to see how it will look ahead of the actual wedding.


  1. Use Your Own Style

Whenever you are purchasing wedding floral arrangements like flower crowns, make sure you are using your own style in some way. Your wedding flowers are a direct reflection of your personality and taste, so try to choose flower types that match your own style. By using your own style, your flower crowns will be an extension of who you are instead of just another accessory.

Flower crowns are a trendy and unique way to add even more flowers to your wedding day. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to make sure your flower crowns look great.