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How to Keep your Belongings Safe in a Storage Container

If you recently bought a storage container, or you’re in the market for one, it’s probably because you have valuable things that you don’t have space for in your house.  Because of this, it’s absolutely necessary that your belongings in your portable storage container are being kept safe. Here are some guidelines to follow in your new storage container.

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What not to put in your storage container:

Flammable items and household hazardous waste should never be put in your storage container because it can result in a fire.  In addition, food, scented items, animals, and plants all attract bugs, so avoid storing these items in your storage container at all cost.


How to stay organized:

When packing your things, make sure to label each box so that you won’t have to look through every box to find a specific item.  Next, stack your boxes strategically.  Typically, you should put your biggest boxes on the bottom, but you also need to consider the weight of each box.  The boxes on the bottom should be the heaviest boxes so that they are able to hold the other boxes.  Furthermore, if you know you have things in your storage container that you will need to access in the near future, put them in a place that is easy to reach; you could also consider putting them on shelves.



Shelves will make your life a whole lot easier.  On these shelves you can put the items that you’ll need to access often, along with fragile items such as glass items, instruments, paintings, knives, or anything that needs to be kept extra safe.


Make sure your storage container is waterproof:

If your portable storage container isn’t waterproof, there could be serious consequences.  Your boxes and belongings may get water damage and/or grow mold.  This may also invite unwanted critters into your storage container, such as cockroaches who like to make nests in wet paper and cardboard.