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Are you hosting or helping plan an engagement party? Keep reading because below is everything you need to know for making your party a total success.

If you got engaged, people will want to say congratulations and a party is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and give them the opportunity to congratulate you on the great news. But then, comes the question if you and your soon-to-be-spouse are the guests of honor, should you host the party too?

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Well, traditionally, the bride’s parents host the first official celebration followed by one hosted by the groom’s parents. However, nowadays having both sets of parents come together to co-host an event seems like the most appealing choice. Other couples are choosing throwing the engagement party themselves, or if they have really good friends, some of them may volunteer to host the party.

Next on the list is the location, which, of course, depends on who throws the party and where your guests are. Of course, if you have the cash you can just fly everyone to Hawaii and host your engagement party there but if that’s not your particular case, then you can host the party in a place that’s easy for everyone to attend.

And that includes timing, when is the best time to throw your engagement party? It should be within a few months of the proposal and the beginning of your wedding planning prep. You’ll want to give guests about a month’s notice, so we suggest getting those invites out a couple months after the proposal.

Depending on the number of guests you’re planning on having the venue can be a massive event space or an intimate local establishment, maybe even at home. The important thing is to think about the vibe you want to create. But, what about the guest list?

Well, the golden rule is to not invite to the engagement party anyone you’re not inviting to the wedding. However, since more and more couples live and/or host their nuptials far from their families and friends, and the formality of engagement parties is evolving, expectations have changed too. If your friends want to plan an informal party at a neighborhood bar and email the invites a few weeks before, it’s totally fine to include people you aren’t sure will end up making the wedding guest list, like some of your co-workers, friends of friends or your parents’ friends.

Make sure to keep invitations simple and don’t worry if you haven’t settled on a color palette or don’t have a wedding date in mind yet. However, try to ensure your wedding website is mostly done before the engagement party invitations are sent out so you can include the URL. The website is the easiest, and most subtle, way to spread word about your registry in case guests want to bring you a gift. You don’t have to have the whole site complete—just a link to your registry, a few photos and the story of your proposal. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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