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How to Prevent Any Fire Code Violations for Your Business

From the years 2012 ÔÇô 2016, the fire department responded to over 350,000 calls a year regarding fires in the U.S. These fires can occur from many different reasons, but most likely they happen due to accidents. And to prevent these accidents from turning into major problems, it is important to follow the right fire code violations, not just for your safety and othersÔÇÖ, but also to keep in order with the law. (Related: housing lawyers NYC, real┬áestate lawyer NYC, tenant buyout attorney)

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This article will highlight the most common fire code violations people make and how to make sure you are following the correct procedures to make sure you donÔÇÖt find any trouble down the line.

Blocked Passageways ÔÇô Something which sounds very simple but it is easy to get wrong. If somewhere is to be a potential exit out of the building, then it needs to be clear in case of an evacuation.

Fire Extinguishers ÔÇô Fire extinguishers need to be present, regularly checked and refilled. The staff must also know and understand when to use what type of fire extinguisher and how to do it.

Signs ÔÇô The correct signs should be located around the building and visible. Some things may be dangerous and there should be a sign to warn people about this.

Smoke Detectors ÔÇô A very vital bit of equipment which allows people to react quickly from any possible dangers. When fires occur, they can spread very quickly, so it is very important to react quickly, and smoke detectors can save many lives.

Fire Alarms ÔÇô Like smoke detectors, fire alarms allow for a quick notification of any possible dangers, letting people react quickly to the situation and evacuate if necessary.

Fire Doors ÔÇô Fire doors are used to contain fires in a set location; they should always remain closed and not propped open (this is a legal requirement).

Electrical Appliances ÔÇô All electrical appliances need to be checked regularly to ensure they are safe to use and not likely to cause any issues.

Electrical Control Boxes ÔÇô These boxes have lots of voltage running through them and can be very dangerous. It is vital they are covered up securely with a lock and there is nothing close in their vicinity.

These are the basic fire codes you must follow to keep in line with the law for your business. There are many more procedures to follow and you should make sure that you are following them to reduce fires and to not get into any legal issues regarding fire code violations.

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