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How to Protect Your Electronic Devices During Shipping

With every year that passes, another electronic device gets introduced to the world.  In such an electronic-driven world, there are now devices for every purpose!  Not only are there phones in every form, but there are also refrigerators that keep track of the food stored inside, watches that show your notifications, and even smart faucets for your kitchen.  With so many technological advances, these new products are being shipped around the world to keep up with customer demands.  Because of this, it’s critical that these products are protected during transit.

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There are two main factors that could affect electronics during shipping: moisture and static.  Moisture affects electronics because it can alter the conductivity in the devices, which can lead to malfunction and corrosion.  When condensation forms on the internal components of an electronic device, the device may suffer.  Due to this, many companies use protective packaging to protect their devices during shipping.  Two protective packaging products that can protect against moisture are desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags.  To guarantee that your desiccant packs and moisture barrier bags properly protected your product, there are also humidity indicator cards.  These cards will indicate the humidity level inside your package, so you will know if you need to check the device for any malfunctions after it arrives to its destination.


The other threat, exposure to static electricity, may also harm electronic devices.  This is because the charge from the static-electricity event may cause melted metal, junction breakdown, or oxide failure.  To protect against this, anti-static bags are utilized while shipping electronic devices.  Anti-static bags are made of polyethylene plastic material which simulate a Faraday cage effect, meaning it protects electronics from electrostatic discharge.


Electronic devices can be expensive and fragile, meaning they should be handled with care.  If you’re planning on sending an electronic device to a customer or family member, make sure to take preventative measures to protect your package.  Anti-static bags, desiccant packs, and moisture barrier bags are a great way to protect your electronic device.