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How to Protect Your Fragile Packages During Shipping

Most people, at one time or another, will need to send something fragile through the mail.  It could be for business purposes or just because they need to send something to a loved one.  The problem with mailing a fragile product, though, is that it faces the possibility of being damaged.  If you’re nervous about an upcoming shipment, you should take every preventative measure possible to ensure a safe delivery.  This articles explains what you need to do to protect your fragile package.

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Box size

If your box is way bigger than the product, it will cause the product to move around a lot during shipment, as well as cost you unnecessary money in shipping.  Alternatively, if you find a box that fits the product perfectly, the box won’t have enough room for padding.  Therefore, you should find a box that has two more inches than your package on every side in order to fit bubble wrap and packing peanuts.


Protective Packaging

Aside from bubble wrap and packing peanuts, there are other materials that you can use as protective packagingDesiccant bags, for example, protect your package by absorbing moisture, odors, and chemicals.  These bags are good to preserve electronics, food, and machinery.  Other types of protective packaging include moisture barrier bags, anti-static bags, and VCI paper.



Once your package is properly packaged, it needs a warning label.  These labels use symbols and warning messages to inform mail carriers that it needs to be handled with care.



If you’re still worried about your fragile package, you can always choose to purchase shipping insurance.  This insurance will cover product damage so that you will be reimbursed if anything happens to your package, which is especially useful with high-cost packages.

Make sure to follow these steps to protect your package.  By taking these preventative measures, your package should deliver in-tact.