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How to Throw a Great Christmas Party

With Christmas approaching, you may be interested in throwing a party at a celebration facility to celebrate.  Whether this party is for your friends and family or it’s a group work party, you should carefully plan beforehand all of the things you’ll need to make it a great party.  This article introduces the necessities to host a great Christmas party this year.

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You can’t have a Christmas party without fun decorations.  Put everyone in the holiday spirit by covering the celebration facility in Westchester with Christmas decorations.  This includes a Christmas tree, ornaments, lights, reefs, and red and green everywhere you turn.



When you think of holiday food, you think of warm, filling foods that remind you of your childhood.  This often includes ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and casseroles.  Encourage your guests to all bring one dish so that everyone can enjoy a variety of different foods.  This also allows each person to share their own traditional dish.



Offer fun alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for all of your guests to enjoy.  Some fun ideas include peppermint hot chocolate, eggnog (which can be served with or without alcohol), and white chocolate martinis.



What’s a holiday party without festive games!  Get everyone involved by playing Christmas charades, karaoke, white elephant, and secret Santa.



If you want to give back this year, encourage all of your guests to bring food or clothing to donate.  At the end of the party, everyone will be excited to see how much they collectively gathered.



Live music is never a bad idea for a party.  Alternatively, if you’re looking to save money, you can always put together a playlist to play throughout the event.  Make sure that the music that you choose is appropriate for all ages.



Make sure to choose a holiday party facility in Westchester that is big enough to fit all of your guests.  This event space should have an area to display food, an area for eating, and an area for dancing.