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How Virtual Reality Helps Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a person’s feeling of fear for certain situations or objects.  Some people experience severe anxiety, while others experience a lighter version of it, but most people have felt anxiety at least once in their life.  Anxiety can be reduced by practicing and confronting the things that are causing it.  For this reason, people have started to utilize virtual reality to practice real world situations to reduce their anxiety.  This article introduces 3 of the ways that virtual reality can help with your anxiety.  (Related topics: VR medical training, virtual reality medical education, augmented reality medical training and education)

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When a person has a severe phobia of something, it could make their daily life very difficult.  It could be so bad that people have panic attacks, which can result in dizziness, nausea, and breathlessness.  Virtual reality can help a person overcome their phobia by facing their fear in a controlled environment.  For example, trochophobia is the fear of being on a truck or bus.  By using virtual reality, a person can practice taking the bus as many times as they’d like, which could end up helping them in their everyday real life.


Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is when a person feels fear or panic before or during an exam.  As a result, the person doesn’t score as well on the exam or may not even show up for it.  By utilizing virtual reality, the student can be placed in a virtual reality classroom or auditorium.  Although the students will feel their usual anxiety at first, they will be able to slowly work through their test anxiety through practice, which will improve their academic standing.


Public Speaking Anxiety

There are many people who have anxiety over public speaking.   Some university classes will even pass or fail a student based off of their performance during a speech, so it’s important that every student has confidence when making their speech.  Virtual reality will place you in front of a big audience where you can practice your public speaking skills and gain public speaking skills.

These are a couple of the ways that virtual reality will help reduce anxiety, but there are many more ways as well.  Any social anxiety that a person is having can be overcome by practicing it through virtual reality.