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If You Want to Compete with Amazon, You Need to Invest in Logistics

For retailers and e-commerce businesses to have a chance to compete with the online retail giant Amazon, they’ll need to invest in logistics. Whether it is a full-service logistics provider, warehousing or even storage container units to keep their inventory organized, this is going to be the move that could make or break their business. (Related topics: portable storage containersstorage containers)

Amazon’s position at the very top of the game has prompted former giants such as Walmart and eBay to partner with third-party logistics providers in order to compete with Amazon’s quick shipping standards.

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According to Digiday, both companies have also been working with installation services to match Amazon for over a year. Handy and Porch partnered with Walmart to work on this, and eBay also made a deal with Handy and Porch like Walmart but also brought Insallernet on board.

Amazon’s massive infrastructure and unparalleled shipping standards scare several retailers who are frightful they won’t be able to compete and keep up. Nevertheless, the retailers have been figuring out what they need to do if they want to get the best possible experience and increase the conversion rates to sell more products since that’s the only way to make the order value go up and make the customers happier.

Partnering with these companies has shed a new light of hope for the small retailers that are trying to keep their business thriving. For example, Handy offers customers added convenience by using third-party logistics providers that allow companies to determine if in-house capabilities make sense or not.

Although Walmart and eBay are still in experimentation mode and trying to understand and establish what works and what doesn’t, for these partnerships to have the desired effect, every business needs to look for a partner that matches their specific needs and the needs of their customers. This is where the smallest businesses can find the best allies in local storage container unit providers as one of the cornerstones that will allow them to manage their inventory more effectively.