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Mixed reality training

Industries That Benefit Financially From Mixed Reality Training

Mixed reality training offers a cheap way for people to get hands-on experience.  It allows them to practice an infinite amount of times, without having to worry about stressing their resources.  By getting more experience, they will feel more confident in their abilities, while also reducing any future mistakes.  Although the possibilities are endless, the top 3 industries that can benefit from mixed reality training are listed below.

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Military Training

Equipment for military training such as tanks, flying drones, and buildings for fake scenarios can cost a lot of money.  Not only are the actual products expensive, but the shipments are, as well.  This equipment is necessary, though, for proper training in the military.  Mixed reality training offers an alternative way of gaining experience without the high costs of equipment.



With mixed reality, the contractor can virtually build the construction project and make any changes to meet the client’s expectations, before spending any real money on changes in the construction.  By doing this, the contractor can also build the project and make any necessary changes to correspond with the budget and environmental factors.  In addition, this can improve safety by offering mixed reality safety training tours in the projected building.


Medical Training

Medical training requires lots of training, time, and money.  The problem, though, is that when a trainee uses a computer or paper to train for surgeries, it is completely different than the real thing.  Usually, when they finally get the chance to practice operating on a real body part, it is their only chance to get it right without any real prior experience.  Even with a sufficient budget, there is not always the availability of certain body parts.  With mixed reality medical training, the medical trainee can perform 3D, hands-on surgeries as many times as they want, without worrying about waiting for the next available heart, or other body part.