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Installing Extra Security to Your Storage Container

Portable storage containers are a great place to store all of your belongings because they are weather-resistant and durable.  For that reason, people have started to utilize them for different reasons; this includes using them as workshops, businesses, or even housing.  Since they’re being used for a variety of reasons, people make installations to make them more comfortable, such as adding windows, doors, electrical outlets, and more.  When these installations are made, however, they have to cut through the walls of the portable storage container, which increases the chance of the container being broken into.  This article identifies some of the ways that you can improve the security of your portable storage container in Chicago.

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Additional Security

  • Keypad Entry – If your portable storage container in Chicago has high traffic, a keypad entry can increase the safety because it helps to monitor who’s entering your storage container. Since the keypad has individual codes, you can track when people are entering your storage container as well.
  • Latch Guard – Latch guards are metal plates that are bolted onto traditional locks to keep them from being tampered with. These locks protect against forced entries.
  • Window Bars – If your portable storage container in Chicago has windows, you should consider installing window bars. Since windows are a common place for burglars to enter, window bars are an effective way to decrease possible break-ins.
  • Lighting – If your portable storage container doesn’t have any lighting, it may give the intruder confidence that they won’t get caught. When you install lighting around your storage container, it will make it hard for them to hide in the dark.
  • Lockbox – If your portable storage containers in Chicago only has a simple lock, it will be easy to break into. Lockboxes are a great idea because they add additional security by protecting against lock cutting.


Portable storage containers hold valuable items, so security should be your top priority.  If you want to increase your safety, make sure to install the additional protection listed in this article.