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Is Augmented Reality Being Used to Its Full Potential?

Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in interest in the area of augmented reality. We previously saw Pokemon Go play with its potential, as well as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo offer some cool features to their devices. This is great for the development of augmented reality; however, it brings the question if it is being used to its full potential. This article will explore other ways it is used to see just how well this technology is fulfilling its potential. (Related: VR to teach anatomy, mixed reality training, virtual reality medical education)

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The idea behind augmented reality is to allow technology and reality to coincide with one another. The possibilities of this technology are vast as we can utilize the benefits of both worlds to create something that wouldn’t have been possible before.

As stated previously, the most notable uses of augmented reality are with games to allow a user to interact with the real world and technology. It is something that really helped people see the potential of augmented reality, and it has developed a lot from the past. Augmented reality in gaming has unveiled its potential to be used in a learning environment as we will show in the next section.

Today you can find a full range of online courses that are taught with the aid of augmented reality. This provides an exceptional way to allow a user to learn physically while being guided by technology that works together efficiently.

Another benefit of augmented reality in learning allows for a full range of statistics to be accumulated. This provides an excellent grading system which can prove beneficial for a student as they can’t skip areas until they can go through and learn them. In a typical classroom, this can provide a challenge to ensure every student can understand every area that is taught.

As we go deeper into the technological age, we are exposed to more and more exciting technologies. However, many do not live up to their hype due to misuse and underfunding. As we have slightly ventured into the uses of augmented reality, we can see positives of how it is currently being used, and this provides us with much excitement towards the future.