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It is not pleasant to say this but the short answer is no. Of course, there will be exceptions but, in most cases, Thanksgiving is a family event and, unless you’re pretty serious about your relationship with your Significant Other (SO), and your relationship with your family is a good one, you might not want to take that step on Thanksgiving. (Related topic: special events)

Making it official with someone, updating your Facebook status and meeting each other’s friends are big milestones for any relationship nowadays. However, meeting the family and bringing your significant other home for the first time is a major step. If you are in a serious relationship, this will happen sooner than later, but is Thanksgiving the right occasion for it?

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Well, assuming that you have a really good relationship with your parents and are surrounded by understanding and supporting family members, and assuming that you’ve found the one in the person you call a life partner, then yes! By all means, go ahead and introduce your significant other to all of your relatives during a nice, cozy and fun Thanksgiving dinner party in which you can all share, get to know each other better and maybe get a glimpse of the new and exciting family dynamics to come.

However, if you’re not feeling like it is the right time, or if you don’t feel genuinely excited to introduce your new partner to all of your eccentric relatives, consider it a red flag and take it easy. A lot of factors will play a role in how well this goes for everyone involved. If, for example, you still have some insecurities that you’ll be judged or if this is going to mean a financial burden for your SO or your family, it’s better to think twice about it.

If you’re wondering whether your partner should spend the holiday with your family, you probably need to analyze at what stage your relationship is in. Why would you want to incorporate someone into your family circle during such an occasion of the year if you don’t know whether they’ll be in your life six months after that. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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