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Items to Send Your Loved Ones When They Are Deployed

If your loved one has recently been deployed, it can be a hard process for the both of you.  While they’re away, it’s normal for them to feel lonely and miss their family, along with certain foods and personal hygiene products.  To remind your loved one that you care, you can send them care packages so that they can have some items from home during their deployment.  This article offers some ideas of which products to send your loved one while they are deployed.  (Related topics: military tape, anti-static bags, VCI paper)

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Food and Drinks

For drinks, powdered drink mixes that can be mixed with water are a great idea for your loved one.  This includes tea, hot cocoa, instant coffee, or lemonade. For food, snacks that are in small containers are easiest for them to carry.  These snacks can be energy bars, tuna, beef jerky, or anything that has protein.  In addition, they may be getting sick of eating the bland, ready to eat food that they are given, so any meal enhancers such as hot sauce or other condiments may be of great use to them.


Personal Care

Travel-size containers of personal care products are never a bad idea.  The list of items that you can send is long, but some products that they may need are shaving lotion, toothpaste, eye drops, lotion, and disposable razors.


Sentimental Items

It’s hard for service members to be away from home.  Because of this, some of the best things that you can send are sentimental gifts that remind them of home.  This includes letters, pictures, drawings from their children, or their favorite homemade treats, such as cookies.

If your care package is ready to be sent, the next step is to make sure that it delivers safely.  These items may be ruined if they are exposed to humidity, making them unusable when they are delivered.  To ensure a safe delivery, make sure to use protective packaging such as desiccant bags to protect against outside elements.