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Keeping Your Belongings Safe in Storage

If you need a place to store your items, storage containers are a great option.  Storage containers can be bought or rented in different sizes so that you’re not spending extra money on space you don’t need.  There are different reasons why you may need a storage container, such as downsizing your home, excessive inventory in your business, or situational events such as a kid moving out for college.  Whatever the reason, they’re an efficient and safe place to store your things, but it’s important that you pack your items properly so that they don’t get damaged.

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It would be an expensive mistake to incorrectly store your electronics.  When you’re packaging your electronics, it’s recommended that you use protective packaging to ensure their safety.  Desiccant packs absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals to protect electronics.  There are also anti-static bags that shield electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields.


Metal Items

If you have metal items that you’re putting in storage, you’ll want to protect them from rust.  VCI paper can be used to protect metals from corrosion by forming a thin, invisible layer on the surface.



Many people think that they should wrap their glassware with newspaper, but it can actually be damaging because the ink can transfer onto the glass and plates, which is difficult to remove.  Instead, you should use unprinted newspaper, which can be found at your local moving supply.



Before packing clothes, make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned before storing them; untreated dirt can cause stains to set in over time.  You should pack your cloths in sealed plastic containers; it doesn’t hurt to place desiccant packs in the container as well, to prevent mold.

When you’re storing your belongings, make sure to use protective packaging so that your items don’t get damaged.  Desiccant packs are a great way to protect your items from moisture, as well as moisture barrier bags.