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LetÔÇÖs Talk Electronics Basics

The future of the world we live in will rely heavily on the use of electronics and coding simulations. This will be to create alternate realities which portray perfect testing facilities that replicate a real world so we can truly explore our potential without the fear of making everlasting damage. But for now, we use electronics in our day to day lives by manipulating the use of multiple technologies in our phones, laptops and other intelligent interfaces. However, all of this is very advanced, and it will take a very long time for the regular person to be able to understand and apply. (Related: moisture barrier bags, protective packaging)

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This article will look into the basic components of Electronics so you can take the first step to begin to understand this new world we are beginning to venture into.


The resistor is used in a circuit to slow down the current and divide the voltage in the desired terminal. Think of it as slowing down the circuit so it is less intense. Some parts of the circuit may require less current or voltage to perform as wished.

Light Emitting Diode

More commonly called as its abbreviated form, LED. It is used for 2 purposes: one to produce a light and the other to direct the current in one direction.

Voltage Source

A circuit would not be able to function without a source. There are 2 different ones used in electronics: AC, alternating current, which is the mains and flows only in one direction, and DC, direct current, which is used in batteries, and flows in both directions.


The role of the capacitor is to store charge and release it after a period of time. It is great to be able to continue cycles and is manipulated in many different ways in different circuits.


The transistor is used for 2 different operations: to be used as an amplifier for the circuit, or to be used as an electronic switch. The transistor is slightly more complicated than the other components listed above but has many different ways to be implemented.

Integrated Circuits

Known as an IC in the electronic world. The IC is the brain of the more complicated circuits. It has a specific reason for it to be designed and is very complex to decipher. It is basically a complex circuit, which is compacted into a small chip.

These are the basic components for an Electronic circuit. They can all be used in different ways to manipulate and control certain aspects of a circuit. Hopefully, this has helped you want to discover how to utilize these components in real life applications.

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