Leveraging radio advertising to increase your lift in foot traffic

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For those retailers who are struggling to figure out what are the best and most cost effective ways to promote their business and reach their target audiences, turning their eyes towards radio advertising will provide them with one of the most convenient solutions yet. [Related topics: Direct response agency]

With social media plagued with ads everywhere, most people nowadays think this is the only way to go. However, other platforms can still offer strong advertising formats for retailers and radio is definitely one of those.

Dial Report, ia a radio measurement platform that recently conducted a study. Their research revealed that retailers advertising on the radio can see an average 30% lift in foot traffic amongst the audiences hearing their ads. Radio provides a big opportunity of reach and frequency which can help companies engage with a more specific audience through targeted buys.

One of the examples presented by Dial Report includes the results of a study of a California radio ad campaign for a supermarket in an environment with 155 stores. At the end of the study, the ads reached 362,782 potential customers, leading to 13.4% of them visiting a store. The audience exposed to the campaign made 3.14 visits to the store in the following two weeks after the campaign ended which was compared against the to 2.44 visits from customers who didn’t hear the ads.

This is proof that for retailers direct response radio advertising is a reliable tool that allows the them to target their ads and reach towards specific demographics, ensuring the ads will be aired at the right time and on the right radio stations.

The easiest way to reach specific customers. is  designing a campaign that appeals to members of their particular generation, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. Based on the characteristics of each specific demographic, their needs, hopes and aspirations you can tailor a message that resonates with them and have it run on the appropriate channels for each specific group.

Premiere Direct Response is a Direct response advertising agency that firmly believes that advertising must interrupt people’s daily routine  and make them interested in something else, which is why they focus on identifying where the right audience is and how they want to receive a message that will truly resonate with them. You can contact their vastly experienced executive team calling this number 201 529 2161 or visiting their website. Premiere Direct Response is ready to help you planning, buying, selling and managing all your Direct response advertising needs.


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