Locally Sourced Ingredients and Container Farming

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Fresh ingredients can be hard to come by, not to mention they can be also pricey. However, a mix of technology, engineering and the leftovers of the cargo industry has brought us the opportunity to access fresh ingredients all year round at affordable prices through container farming.  (Related topics: storage containers for sale)

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A Los Angeles startup, called Local Roots, retrofits 40-foot-long shipping containers to turn them into farms that can yield as many leafy greens as five acres of farmland in a fraction of the time, using only 1% of the water.

These container farms can be leased by wholesalers, restaurant chains, and anyone else who might be interested in growing their own crops. However, thereÔÇÖs no doubt that this innovation can quickly scale as other people could take advantage of this initiative by implementing it on their own.

The irrigation system has been designed so crops can grow with only twenty-five gallons of water per day. The farms have a climate control system and LED grow lights that help nurture the crops. In order to make a more efficient use of water, hundreds of sensors track factors as airflow and water temperature to feed the data to TerraFarms staffers for real-time tweaking. For those implementing the system to their DIY container farms, they can keep track of the data manually and through another monitoring system.

The TerraFarm yields four thousand heads of lettuce every 10 to 12 days. They grow from seed to full maturity in 30 days whilst outdoor farming takes at least 60 days. Those with DIY container farms might take longer but if the conditions within the container are right the results should be pretty similar.

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