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Medical Training Through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to experience real or made up scenarios.  Because of this, augmented reality medical training and education has become a popular trend among medical students.  Medical students enjoy VR medical training because it significantly enhances their experience and gives them more confidence in their skills.  Below is a more in-depth explanation of how augmented reality medical training and education is beneficial for medical students.

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Professional Guidance

Through VR medical training, the student can experience a course with a lecturer in another state or country.  They can also be in the same surgical room with these professionals so they can help guide and teach medical procedures.  This is important because it’s beneficial for these students to learn different styles of practice from professionals from different cultures.  These new connections can be kept for the rest of their lives and can possibly help them later on in life.



Practice makes perfect, and that’s especially true in medical training.  Because everything is virtual, the student’s and university’s resources won’t be stressed.  Even if they have the money, there are not always the proper body parts to practice these procedures, and when there is the student usually only has one chance.  Since the student has unlimited chances to practice on these body parts in VR medical training, they can also experience different scenarios that may occur during the surgery since not every surgery will be the same.  VR medical training allows students to practice surgical procedures as many times as they’d like.  As a result, these students will feel confident when they are performing these procedures in real life.