Misused Shipping Containers Could Cause Accidents

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Even though we’ve been giving storage containers several different uses for the past decade, the truth is that these sturdy and spacious metal boxes were originally designed to transport goods across international waters. (Related topic: storage containers for sale)

Nevertheless, we’ve been using them for many other purposes thanks to the booming DIY trend of upcycling and others such as cargotecture, the wave of pop-up shops all around the country and so on. However, these trends have triggered alerts as incorrect use or repurposing of shipping storage containers might increase the risks of certain dangers for workers and the general public.

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In fact, WorkSafeBC’s director, Dan Strand, has stated that “the potential for explosion is quite significant”. As you probably know, storage containers are air and watertight, which means that keeping anything flammable inside the container, without proper ventilation, could cause an explosion.

storage containers are growing in popularity and with all the reason: they are portable, strong and easy to secure; they’re not only a great storage solution on construction sites across the world but also the safest way to transport products and materials in bulk. Naturally, more and more people every day are using these metal giants for several different purposes that include office spaces, electrical rooms or painting workshops amongst others.

It is essential for the people involved with container work to be aware of the uses that are given to the storage containers and to make sure to signal and label any storage containers that might have any flammable device as these work as potential bombs, and the risk of explosion is rather prevalent.

To ensure unwanted accidents will not occur, it’s key to avoid storing anything that contains flammable gasses or liquids inside air and watertight containers without the appropriate ventilation. If the container has been modified for living purposes and ventilation has been incorporated, the risks will decrease dramatically. However, regular storage containers must always feature warnings if, amongst their contents, there’s a potentially dangerous device.

EngageNewswire.com EngageNewswire.com is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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