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If you’re celebrating on New Year’s Eve with the entire family, that may include a few children. While adults are invested in conversation and alcohol, the children at the party may not be having the best time. (Related topic: event spaces)

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Party hats and blow horns can be fun for kids but it might not be enough and they could still feel left out of the main celebration. The following list contains a few ideas to make your New Year’s Eve celebration specially fun for kids.

Cheesecake Clocks
Counting down to the beginning of the new year is thrilling for everyone and especially for kids, but to make it more fun, bring the countdown to dessert decorating mini cheesecakes for the children.

Old CDs Disco Ball
This could be a fun project for you and the kids. Grab all the old CDs that are still lying around your house and turn them into 2 x 2 cm squares, and glue them to a Styrofoam ball for a disco ball that can bring the party to your children.

Gold Dipped Balloons
Kids love balloons and adding balloons to your New Year’s Eve decoration can make things nicer for them. But if you want to add a fabulous touch to the decor, make those balloons into gold dipped balloon with the help of golden glitter and glue.

Printable Coloring Party Hats
There are lots of these templates online that you can print for free. You can give them to children with some crayons for them to color the hats, fold them to put them together and wear them for saluting the New Year.

New Year Balloon Drop
This one is a favorite. Children love to see the balloons falling from the ceiling as the clock marks 12:00 AM. Try to make the balloons assorted in color and hold them up with a sheet of paper or fabric that you can easily remove at midnight to let the balloons rain. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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