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Some of us are just not into costumes, but that doesn’t mean we want to miss out on the Halloween fun. So just for you, our not costume friendly reader, here’s how you can wear everyday street clothes on Halloween and still avoid the look of disapproval of all those people in cosplay like attire. (Related topics: celebration facility)

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Lady in White
This is a classic that could actually be worn on a normal summer day at the beach. The only difference is that instead of going for a summer glow with your makeup, you should try something less lively. Just grab your favorite silk or summer white dress and pair it with smoky eyes and nude lips. No one will criticize your toned-down and chic version of this classic vengeful spirit.

Back in Black
Black is the best –at least for Halloween. It’s incredibly versatile and you can choose from many different styles as long as you go all black. Pair a black dress with a black hat and very dark lipstick, you get a witch. Choose some ripped up black jeans and a black top paired with a leather jacket you can be a biker or greaser for the night. Go for some blood red lipstick and an all black fashionable ensemble for the ultimate vampire look.

Monster Hunter
If the monochromatic looks are still too much for you, try combining that leather jacket with some boots, cargo trousers and a simple top, tie your hair up and add a messenger bag for an Indiana Jones or Van Helsing, monster hunter kind of vibe. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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