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Planning a Valentine’s Day Party

February 14th, the day of love throughout the United States, is a holiday that millions of people celebrate every year.  On this day, it’s tradition for couples to go out on dates and celebrate their love for each other.  Since this day is dedicated to love, though, this day can also be spent with friends and family.  If you’re thinking about throwing a party to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of your loved ones in a holiday parties facility in Westchester, you need to start planning!  Here is what you should include at your Valentine’s Day party.

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Fill your celebration facility in Westchester with festive decorations!  All of your decorations should include hearts or words of love, including balloons, cut out cardboard decorations, stickers, and door décor.  Don’t be afraid to pack the celebration facility in Westchester with red and pink colors.



The type of meal you want is entirely up to you! Most people like to have a nice meal on Valentine’s Day, so you could choose to have a formal sit-down dinner provided by yourself or catering.  If you want something more casual, though, you can also choose to offer finger foods to your guests so that they can come and go as they please.  For dessert, you should offer festive sweets such as heart-shaped cookies, red velvet cake, or chocolate covered strawberries.  Encourage your guests to bring their favorite dessert to share.



This is a family event, so try to put together kid-friendly activities.  To keep the kids busy, you could have an area for them to make Valentine’s Day crafts to give to their family members.  For the parents, it would be fun to have a wine tasting area so that they can experiment with different kinds of wine.  To save money, ask each guest to bring their favorite bottle of wine to share.

Now that you know what kind of decorations, food, and activities to do at your holiday parties facility in Westchester, you’re ready for your Valentine’s Day party!