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Planning Your Sweet 16

A girl’s sweet 16 is an important milestone because it symbolizes becoming a woman.  Many girls dream of this day and look forward to celebrating with all of their friends.  If you’re starting to plan your sweet 16, you may not even know where to start!  Here are the 4 main things that you need to carefully plan while preparing for your sweet 16.  (Related topics: event spaces Westchester, celebration facility Westchester, special events venue Westchester)

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Although a theme isn’t necessary, it can make the party more fun!  By choosing a theme, you can show your guests your interests, such as a hobby, sport, movie, or favorite colors.  You can even ask your guests to come dressed up in something relevant to the theme, such as famous actors/actresses, masquerade, or whatever you please!



The food that you put on the menu is completely up to what kind of food you like.  If you’re having a formal party, you can choose to have a full, sit-down meal.  On the other hand, if you plan for people to be standing up and socializing, it may be easier to have finger foods.  You can also choose whether you want your party to be catered or home-cooked, depending on your budget and preference.



Every good party needs entertainment; most people choose between a DJ and a band.  It’s also not a bad idea to make a schedule for when you expect to do things, such as eating, dancing, or any games or activities you plan on doing.


Pick a Venue

Make sure that your birthday party venue in Westchester has all the amenities that you need.  The birthday party venue in Westchester should have an area to display food, an area for the DJ or band, and an area for dancing and mingling!  Make sure that the birthday party venue in Westchester is big enough to fit all of your expected guests.