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Products That Are Ruined When Exposed to Moisture

A big risk factor when sending packages is that they will be exposed to humidity.  Moisture can ruin the package in different ways, depending on what it is.  Whether it’s a personal package being sent, or a big company sending mass amounts of products, it’s important to protect your package against humidity.  Therefore, moisture barrier bags should be used while sending humidity-sensitive packages.  This article introduces some of the items that may be ruined by moisture if they aren’t properly protected.  (Related topics: military tape, anti-static bags, VCI paper)

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Not only are electronics expensive, but they’re fragile, as well.  If they are exposed to moisture, there’s a good chance that they will either completely stop working or have a malfunction.



Bags of seeds should always be kept in dry places; if the seeds are trapped in a wet bag, it will cause mold to form and the seeds will be ruined.



Pills and capsules may become less potent or expire at a faster rate if they are exposed to moisture.  If your capsules get wet, the best option is to throw them away and get new ones.



Coffee is a common product that is shipped because people tend to buy coffee from different coffee regions around of the world.  Coffee needs to be kept dry because when the moisture level of a coffee bean exceeds 12.5%, it becomes susceptible to fungi, which could ruin the entire bag of coffee.



When spices are exposed to moisture, it can lead to changes in their weight and flavor.  In addition, when ground spices get wet, they become lumpy, making them more difficult to use while cooking.  Along with coffee, spices may also grow fungi if exposed to moisture.

These are some of the products that may be ruined in the mail if they are exposed to moisture.  For protection, use moisture barrier bags to ensure a safe delivery.