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Protective Packaging for Your Products

If you’re planning on sending a fragile package through the mail, you may be wondering how you can best protect it.  Whether it’s to a costumer or to a distant family member, you should use protective packaging to ensure your package arrives safely.  This article introduces some of the protective packaging products that you can use while shipping fragile items.

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Choose a Protective Packaging Product

First you need to choose which protective packaging will best protect your package.  Here are some of the protective packaging choices you can choose from.

  • Desiccant PacksDesiccant packs absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals to protect your products from moisture exposure, rust, mold, and mildew.
  • Anti-Static Bags – These bags have a metalized layer that shields electronic devices from ESD and electrostatic fields. This is great for when you need to send electronic devices, missiles, explosives powder, or semiconductors.
  • VCI PaperVCI paper is treated with engineered chemicals to prevent corrosion on metals from salt, dirt, oxygen, and more.


Add the Finishing Touches

After you choose which protective packaging you need, you should finish protecting your packages by adding a few more things.

  • Labels – Even if you feel confident that the above protective packaging products will protect your package, labels will help do so as well. Labels let the handler know that they need to take extra care of the package by saying things such as “Electrostatic Sensitive Devices”, “Fragile”, or “Handle with Care”.
  • Humidity Indicator Cards – These cards will let you know if your protective packaging products did their job. There are moisture sensitive spots on these cards that indicate the level of humidity that your package was exposed to.

It’s better to take preventative measures to protect your packages rather than have to replace the products if they get ruined during shipping.  Use these protective packaging products to ensure a safe delivery.