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Parents tend to get very frustrated when they find out their child is struggling in school. They try to do everything they possibly can to help, but sometimes itÔÇÖs not enough. Many different factors can affect your childÔÇÖs performance in school. The following are a few of the most common reasons your child may be struggling in school.

Vision problems

Children with vision problems have frequent headaches, have a hard time reading, often sit right in front of the TV, and in school can barely see the blackboard. Vision problems can keep a child from excelling in school. If this sounds like the problem, take your child to the doctor for an eye exam. Correcting vision problems can make a world of difference in your childÔÇÖs academic performance.

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Learning/Behavioral disabilities

Learning disabilities can negatively impact a childÔÇÖs academic performance. It prevents children from achieving their full potential and makes concentrating and learning difficult. If your child has a learning disability, he may have trouble remembering things, may be socially isolated, have trouble following directions, may be anxious, and sometimes violent. The most common learning disabilities are ADHD and dyslexia. If you suspect that your child has a learning disability, consult a doctor. The longer a learning disability or behavioral problem goes undetected, the longer your child will be struggling in school. If your child does have a learning disability, he can still exceed academically. With the help of an experienced tutor, your childÔÇÖs learning disability wonÔÇÖt be an obstacle.

Environmental factors

Not being socially accepted in school can damage a childÔÇÖs self esteem. Problems at home such as abusive parents, absent parents, a divorce, death in the family, or lots of fighting and stress at home can negatively influence a childÔÇÖs performance in school. Many children will keep what is bothering them to themselves. Even if they donÔÇÖt say anything, they are well aware of what is happening at home. If youÔÇÖre having a stressful situation at home, talk to your child about their concerns and most importantly listen.


Highly intelligent children who are always ahead of in class assignments may have a hard time staying focused due to their boredom. Kids start to lose interest in learning if they are not being academically challenged. Seeking the help of a professional tutor will help your child become interested in learning again by introducing him to new concepts that will intellectually stimulate his mind.

These are just a few reasons that may be the cause of your childÔÇÖs struggling in school. With the help of a professional tutor, your childÔÇÖs academic success can be taken to the next level. Big Apple Tutoring, ManhattanÔÇÖs most renowned tutoring company, offers professional tutoring services that will help your child get back on track and excel academically. Some of the services Big Apple Tutoring offers are┬áprivate tutoring NYC, homeschooling in NYC, private tutoring Manhattan, and homework help NYC. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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