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Residential Landlord Rights

As a landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities.  These responsibilities include keeping electrical, plumbing, and other equipment in working order, along with handling any infestations, maintaining locks, and more.  The list is long, but if you’re maintaining the property for your tenant, then you should expect that they are holding up their end of the deal.  If they aren’t maintaining the property, you may need to take legal measures; here are a couple of things that you may need to protect yourself against as a landlord.  (Related topics: landlord-tenant law NYC, housing lawyers NYC, New York real estate lawyer)

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Tenants Who Are Illegally Subletting Their Apartment

If your lease agreement prohibits subleasing and your tenant decides to sublet their apartment without your permission, you may have the right to evict your tenant.


Tenants Who Aren’t Paying Rent

If your tenant isn’t paying rent, try talking to them so that you can receive the money or work out a deal.  If that doesn’t work, you may have to take legal action to get your money back and/or evict them.


Tenants Who Are Not Maintaining The Property

Tenants are responsible for keeping the property sanitary, which includes discarding trash, preventing the growth of mold, rust, and excessive dirt buildup on walls and floors.


Tenants Who Have Too Many Roommates

Fair housing regulations state that two people per bedroom is a reasonable standard to follow.  However, landlords should look at the local laws because they may vary, but they also have the right to set a maximum occupancy limit.

These are just some of the things that tenants may be doing to take advantage of their landlord.  If you are experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to take legal action and possibly evict your tenant.  There are real estate lawyers in NYC that can assist in the process and protect your rights.