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All over the world, shipping  are being held and celebrated as an affordable and easy way of developing housing. However, many people still doubt they can be more than a pop-up solution to become permanent solutions. (Related topics: portable storage containers)

Whilst some people insist that it takes time to adjust to living inside a steel box, others simply adore living in these giant metal boxes. The success of cargotecture has intrigued architects and housing organizations looking for low-cost solutions to the housing crisis that keeps spreading worldwide.

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For example, while in Berlin, repurposed shipping containers have been used for student accommodation and to house asylum seekers; in London, young working adults struggling to pay high rents and at risk of becoming homeless have been moved into containers by Forest YMCA and they can stay at those for a maximum of one year because people are still trying to overcome the idea that a steel box is not a good living space.

But when you think about it in practical terms, the speed of installation, the cost-efficient materials and how easy it is to re-use these units in new locations make container homes a rather convenient urban housing alternative.

But container homes go way beyond just cheap housing. In fact, there are several studios designing and creating high end designed container homes in different places, all over the world, not only in urban settings but in remote and secluded areas too.

Of course, any high-end modifications and luxury design adjustment will have an extra cost and then, of course, it will make the affordable housing status disappear. Nevertheless, you could still cut cost if compared with building a luxury house from scratch with traditional materials.

Architects everywhere have started to join this trend and, whereas some focus on the high end of luxury container housing, others are focusing on designing container skyscrapers to substitute unfit slum housing in developing countries.

Although there are still detractors to cargotecture, it seems like sustainability and cost efficiency might turn in the go-to housing alternative in the future. If it doesn’t become prevalent in itself, at least many of the intrinsic aspects of it will be incorporated into the traditional architecture. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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