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Shipping Your Storage Container: Sea Vs. Air

Storage containers have different uses, such as running a business, storing belongings, or transporting cargo.  If you’re using a storage container rental to transport cargo, you have 2 main options for transportation: sea and air. This article compares the two options so that you can choose which option best fits your needs.

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  • This is the most cost-efficient option. If you have heavy cargo or a full storage container, you should ship your container by sea to save money.
  • When you ship cargo by sea, you can load and unload the storage container rental yourself, guaranteeing that it is being handled with care. When you use an airplane, on the other hand, you have to trust airline bag handlers to handle your merchandise.
  • Sea freight is more economically friendly because when you ship by air, carbon dioxide emissions are higher.



  • Although it comes at a higher prices, air transportation is faster. In addition, if the flight happens to be delayed, it won’t have a huge impact on the delivery speed because major cities usually have a variety of flights every day.  By sea, however, there are weekly schedules, meaning a delay may add days or weeks to the expected time.
  • Although you won’t be handling the cargo yourself, there’s a smaller chance of your storage container being damaged during transit. That’s because airport regulations are followed strictly, including the storage, handling, and securing of cargo.


If you are debating how to transport your cargo, make sure to consider the advantages of shipping by sea and air.  Both of these options are great, but what you should use depends on the needs of your cargo.  Before shipping any merchandise, make sure you have a reliable storage container to protect your products.