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Traditionally, the characteristics and values of a company compiled in the image it projects to its consumers are known as branding. These values are meant to be displayed in a compelling manner meant to differentiate a brand from its competitors by creating a unique connection with potential customers. [Related topics: Direct response advertising agency]

Often times we see direct response marketing and brand marketing as two different things. However, any successful marketer knows that direct response and marketing must be aligned and developed as part of the same strategy in order to achieve success.

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The goal of brand marketing is connecting with consumers in order to make them think a certain way about the brand that will eventually lead to purchase. Branding is meant to create a sense of loyalty amongst consumers and although metrics can be used to measure and quantify certain attitudes and behavior, brand marketing still remains more art than science.

On the other side of the same coin we find direct-response marketing, a much more tactical, pragmatic and formulaic approach to the same goal. Instead of drawing out a long-term plan for developing loyalty and eventually leading to sales, the objective of direct response marketing is generating an immediate interaction between potential customers and a brand, driving conversion and propelling sales.

Unlike branding the measurement focus of direct response marketing is on hard metrics such as dissecting correlations and trends, in-depth analyses, modeling, channel attribution and optimizing campaigns to maximize ROI.

A good branding strategy is essential for the success of any business. However, more goal-specific tactics ae necessary for branding to be effective. Every time your company expresses a message, you are defining your brand in the minds of the consumer: these ads show your company’s personality, promise and values.

If the brand is the face of a company, your ads are the features that define what that face looks like and it gets more specific with every message or ad that you put out. After a large number of messages people can have a clear picture of your brand’s “face” pop in their minds whenever they hear the your brand’s name, regardless of if it comes from a regular branding marketing ad or a direct-response piece of advertising.

The difference lies on how people interact with these different types of ads. Whereas your brand marketing campaign will reassure and improve the sense of loyalty between your brand and the consumer, paving the way for future transaction; direct response advertising aims to obtain an immediate result, using a call to action with the goal of persuading the potential consumer to make a purchase right there and then.

The trick for setting up an effective direct response marketing strategy that aligns and complements your brand marketing strategy is to remember that although driving a response in an efficient way should be the main focus, you can’t overlook the way in which the key messaging points need to drive response. Your idea may be brilliant but if it’s poorly executed you won’t be able to project the brand you want to convey across your audience. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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