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Tahitian Black Pearls ÔÇô Everything You Need to Know

Much like many things on this earth, there are an array of qualities each may have. Pearls are no different: there are pearls which are easily reproduced and are relatively easy to find, and then there are some pearls which are much harder to find and offer different and unique qualities that are not found in other pearls. (Related topics: pearl in oysters kits fundraising, freshwater pearl necklace set, pearl oyster suppliers)

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Tahitian black pearls are a type of pearls that are only found in the oceans near Tahiti. Tahiti is a small island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This ocean is notorious for being mysterious and is known as the most undiscovered ocean on earth. To find these pearls, it is not an easy task as this side of the earth is very rural and extremely hard to get to, let alone find these pearls.

So, What Is So Special About These Pearls?

Apart from the only place we can find them is in the ocean near Tahiti, they also hold some spectacular traits which sets them apart from the rest.

– Color ÔÇô Because of their name, people often believe that they only appear in black, but Tahitian Black Pearls actually come in an array of different colors. Black is usually the most sought after due to how unique it is compared to others.

– Shape ÔÇô The natural Tahitian Black Pearls can come in quite a few shapes; most people are under the illusion that they only come in circular shapes. This is not true for natural pearls; often they will come in a semi-circular or button shapes. These types of pearls are good as they prove they are not farmed pearls.

– Size ÔÇô The size of the pearls can grow quite large, making them even more valuable as the larger the pearl, the longer it takes to grow. They are also considerably larger than other pearls such as the Akoya pearl.

– Rarity ÔÇô These pearls are extremely rare making them very valuable and highly sought after. They take around 24 months to fully form and they are hidden deep down the bottom of the ocean.

The Tahitian Black Pearls can come at quite a large cost, with some of the larger ones being valued at thousands of dollars per one pearl. Now, there are cheaper alternatives which are produced in pearl farms, making them much easier to grow and harvest, therefore being less valuable. Nonetheless, these pearls are beautiful and show how amazing nature is.

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