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Even if book packaging seems like an uncommon or unpopular topic, the truth is that any book lover needs to know that improperly packed books often can lead to an awful scenario of damaged books or even a mess in the transport truck. (Related Topic: protective packagingVCI papermoisture barrier bags)

Packing books is a different story, depending on how you’re packing them and what the final destination of the books is. For example, if you’re packing books in a suitcase try to put them in wheeled one as books are a heavy load and not easy to carry around. Also, avoid putting sharp objects inside the same suitcase you have your books in.  Add extra protection by placing books inside a sealed plastic bag, in case it gets in contact with food, drinks or toiletries.

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Now, if you own a bookstore or if you regularly sell books online, you need to know how to properly pack a book for shipping in order to guarantee that your customers will receive their books intact.

It’s not uncommon to see issues with books, sent inside bubble mailers that have bent or folded corners of the pages as they get pressed into other items during the shipping process. Shipping a book in a bubble padded envelope or a solid container, such as a box, is fairly common, but out of the two, a box is far more secure. Nevertheless, if you’re going with a Bubble Mailer, there are a few things you need to do:

– Reinforce the book corners by protecting them with cardboard corner caps.

– Slip the book into a bubble envelope with a desiccant bag.

– Any additional padding should be made of cotton in case the package gets wet accidentally during shipping.

– Place a piece of cardboard beneath and above the book for additional support.

– Wrap the envelope with tape and label it properly before putting it inside the mailer.

If you’re shipping books in a box instead, try the following:

– Choose a box of the right size, one that can fit all your books, leaving only a small gap of free space inside.

– Pad the bottom of the box with bubble wrap and lay the first book flat on top.

– Separate layers of books with layers of bubble wrap.

– Fill any gaps in the box with soft material, such as packing paper or newspaper.

And, if instead of shipping the books you’re moving them to a new storage space, the aforementioned tips for box packing are the way to go. However, we recommend taking a few extra steps to ensure the precious cargo is properly protected.

– Choose a wooden crate or plastic container instead, preferably one with a lock in case you’re not using private storage space.

– Put desiccant packs on the box.

– Add a humidity indicator card.

– Label the box. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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