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The Alternate Universe Beneath Us

The ocean is a vast place which is massively undiscovered. In fact, scientists believe we have only been able to discover 5% of the ocean on planet earth, which is a rather astonishing statistic, considering how much effort we put into discovering outer space. Why are there not similar organizations to NASA for the oceans on our own planet? (Related topics: Freshwater pearl necklace setPearl oyster suppliers, pearl in oyster sets wholesale)

Considering how little of the ocean we have discovered, we have found lots of life down there, even in the places where life seems impossible. This article will highlight some of the cool and unique things we have found in the depths of our oceans.

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Pearls are very familiar in today’s day and age. They are small shiny balls that people wear as jewelry. But there is so much more to pearls than meets the eye. Pearls are a naturally occurring phenomenon, which are developed inside the shells of clams and mussels over a long time. They are very rare, and some can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Horseshoe Crab

The Horseshoe crab is a very odd-looking creature and, for this reason, people have found it very fascinating. It looks like something from the dinosaur age with its hard shell and it has blue blood! But these crabs aren’t very dangerous if you leave them be; they won’t sting you or bite you but if you get too close, they may swipe their tale at you as defense.

Manganese Balls

These rare balls are found in small portions in most oceans but, recently in the Atlantic Ocean, a group of German scientists discovered a large deposit of these manganese balls lying on the sea bed. These unique naturally occurring balls give scientists belief this may be a rich area for other rare resources.

Giant Squid

What was long considered a myth, the giant squid has now been proven to be true in the past couple of years with actual camera footage taken in the depths of the ocean near Japan. The giant squid is estimated to be able to grow up to 14 meters in length, weighing well over 500 pounds! This creature has well and truly started the debate about what else is out there and what other myths may be true.


Starfish often appear in childhood films; these cute little star-shaped creatures are actually not as cute in real life though. They appear in many different types of colors, some thick and some thin. They are unique and cool creatures, which reside in our oceans.

The ocean is full of many different forms of life submerged in unique landscapes. But there is so much more to explore and see, although maybe we are better off not knowing what some of the creatures are that lay undiscovered on the bottom of our ocean floors.