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The Best Spring Wedding Flowers

Every year, when the springtime comes around, the weddings begin. People love to get married during the spring because of the great weather, sense of rebirth, and beautiful flowers that are blooming. Spring is all about starting something fresh and new, which is why the beginning of a life-long partnership is perfect for this time of the year. Choosing the right flowers for a spring wedding can be difficult if you arenÔÇÖt familiar with the types of flowers that are blooming this time of year. However, you can keep reading on in this article to learn about some of the best spring wedding flowers you can choose from. Your local flower shop in Katonah, NY, should have these flowers fresh and in stock this spring.

  • Roses

You really canÔÇÖt go wrong with choosing roses for your wedding. They are a classic bloom that is a timeless international symbol for love. Roses come in all different types of colors so you can choose the style that matches your wedding. Garden roses are a great option because they have a fluffy bloom and a higher petal count. Spray roses are another good choice for spring weddings because they are great for filler flowers. You can find great roses for flower arrangements in Pound Ridge, NY┬áif you know where to look.

  • ┬áTulips

Tulips are a great spring flower that can take the style of your wedding to entirely new heights. They have a classy appearance and are pretty much the perfect spring bloom. Their blossoms have a unique shape that can be used to create amazing bouquets and flower arrangements in North Salem, NY. You can even use tulips to create flower headpieces for you or the bridesmaids in your spring wedding.

  • Hydrangeas

These are extremely popular wedding flowers thanks to their bright colors and large flower clusters. They typically come in berry colors and can be used to form an amazing wedding arch. You can even use them to top a wedding cake and add some nice color contrasts. Getting creative with hydrangeas is a lot of fun. If you need help, your local flower shop in Pound Ridge, NY, can always provide some great suggestions.

Spring is the perfect time to get married, especially because of all of the great flowers that are blooming. Keep the three flower types in mind if you are having a spring wedding.

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