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If you want to boost the flavor and texture of your Turkey this Thanksgiving, you need to learn this trick. (Related topic: event spaces)

People like to maintain tradition, but it’s always nice to add a special twist to those traditions in order to make them better. Giving a slight makeover to Thanksgiving turkey, if it’s going to make it better, means no harm and this particular trick won’t divert too far from tradition.

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You may think it’s unusual but pepperoni can go a long way with your turkey. Italian salami made of pork and beef is generously seasoned with black and red pepper, which means that a lot of flavors will be transferred into your Thanksgiving turkey, which is often considered dry and bland.

But the magic continues in this Pepperoni-Butter Turkey and Gravy recipe when pepperoni and butter come together. Sliced pepperoni goes into the food processor with fresh rosemary until it almost turns into a paste. Then, softened butter gets added. The resulting pepperoni butter gets stuffed under the turkey skin, not just for flavor, but to improve the texture of the meat for a very juicy Thanksgiving turkey.

Pepperoni will add just the amount of flavor and juiciness your Turkey needs, and the way to achieve it is through a technique called barding, a classic culinary technique in which meat is wrapped in fatty meat like bacon to retain moisture and prevent overcooking. The fatty meat, pepperoni butter, in this case, surrounds the Thanksgiving turkey and naturally bastes the meat as it cooks.

The turkey skin adds an extra layer of protection that helps keep the meat juicy and flavorful while the skin crisps to golden brown perfection.

Stuff the pepperoni butter under the Turkey’s skin, starting with the turkey breast facing up and from the neck end, slide fingers under the skin to loosen and lift until you reach the end of the breast, being careful not to tear or totally detach the skin. Use a rubber spatula to help loosen harder-to-reach places, if necessary. Use the same technique for the thighs and legs. Then, gently rub the pepperoni butter evenly under the skin of breast, thighs, and legs, grabbing that rubber spatula to get into hard-to-reach places again. Pat down on top of the skin to help smooth out the pepperoni butter and distribute it evenly under the skin.

Then, you can use any traditional stuffing you like and ensure that your Turkey will be delicious and juicy. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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