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A divorce is never easy, the break of an eternal agreement, initially bonded by love. Sometimes it may be down to things just not working out, or serious problems and conflicts. But regardless, when there are children involved, this can impact the quality of their entire lives. (Related: divorce mediation attorney, divorce mediation attorney near me)

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This article will highlight how a divorce can have different mental effects on a child.

Short Term Effects

After a divorce, it is normal for a child to feel tense and anxious, because it is an uncomfortable situation where emotions are high, this is more likely to impact older children.

The stress levels will be increased, and mood swings will occur, generally leaving them emotionally unstable.

It tends to also leave them upset and sad because they can see how it is affecting the parents and others who understand what is going on.

Long Term Effects

The more common long-term effects will tend to be behavioral or social problems which can severely impact their lives and the people around them, from school to work.

Trust will be broken and can lead to potential trust issues for the future.

Again, depending on the severity of the divorce, some people can go through it in different ways and it can lead to potential substance abuse.

Depression is another common effect, where the mind can overthink and lead to a serious mental illness like depression.

Not all divorces have the same outcome, some divorces are better than others, and there are some variables which can change the outcome of the situation. Such as a child’s age, gender, siblings, support etc. The main area of cause to affect the child/children is the severity of the divorce, if it is violent, with arguments and general bad things, it will have a much more devastating impact on everybody who is involved. It is important that the child doesn’t see these things, or it can seriously impact them and how they deal with it. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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