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The Effects of Storage Containers on the World

If you ask somebody in todayÔÇÖs generation what the impact of storage containers┬áhas been on the world, they will likely say that it hasnÔÇÖt really changed anything. Although now it seems like something so basic, a box which transports goods, but only since the 1970ÔÇÖs goods have been transported via portable storage containers. Before this, goods were loosely placed on cargo ships. The invention of storage containers has impacted the entire industry of ports and shipping, which in turn has changed the world. (Related topics: portable storage containers,┬ástorage containers)

Change in Ports and Cargo Ships

Before the invention of storage containers, ports and cargo ships were run very differently. Transporting goods would take a great deal of time and manpower. Docks were full of workers, moving products separately from the ships to the storage sheds. This was very time consuming and inefficient. But due to the large scale of the operation, people just accepted it for what it was and carried on. Then when storage containers were invented, people quickly realized the impact they can have on the entire operation. Leading to drastic changes to the ports and cargo ships. The need for manpower in the docks was significantly less, the time to load ships with the goods was reduced greatly and the ships would be able to spend more time sailing and less time at the docks. This led to ports being completely reconstructed by ridding of the storage sheds and allocating space for the containers. The ships were not made for containers this size, so new cargo ships were made to accommodate.

Storage Containers

The actual storage containers allow for the goods to be traveled in a safe and secure manner from the weather, misplacement and also potential theft. They allow for much simpler transport techniques as cranes just pick them up and move them to the desired location. Saving lots of time and also the amount of manpower needed.


Shipping containers have had a great impact on globalization, due to how effective the shipping methods are now, and it allows for products all over the world to appear all around us in the day to day life.

Environmental Effects

The environmental effects that cargo ships have on our planet are surprisingly low in comparison to other ways of transportation. The ships today must go through a set of compliance tests to not create unnecessary carbon emissions or other harmful gases to the environment. The main concern lies with vessel discharge, but this is an issue that is being looked at to be resolved. Another problem which has people talking is the number of storage containers that are not being used. But in the last few years, there are people looking at ways to utilize these containers in a different way, such as Cargotecture or inland long-term storage options.

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