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Office spaces are not what they used to anymore. The work culture has changed significantly in the last decade and, consequently, so has the workplace. The constitution of the millennials as the main workforce has redefined what the ideal workplace must be like. However, there is no standard of how an office space is but, rather, it varies according to the nature of each business. Aspect such as what the company’s industry is, its cultural identity, its employees’ average age, among others, determine what the ideal office space must be like. We’ve prepared a summary of some of the most popular ways in which office spaces are changing. [Related topic: office space for sale]

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Bringing Pets to the Office

Although there are some people who argue that bringing pets to the office may lower productivity, research shows that, in general, it has the opposite effect. For example, someone who brings their pet to the office is not worried about going home early to feed their dog or cat, so they can focus on their work exclusively without having to worry about how their pet is doing at home by itself. Moreover, bringing pets to the office facilitates social interaction among coworkers, making the work environment, in general, more joyous.

Not Assigning Desks

This trend is also known as hot-desking. It consists of instead of having an assigned desk, people can sit anywhere they like every day. In order to this, the office space and furniture must be designed especially for this. It must have easy access for connecting devices anywhere, have comfortable seats and desks, and space must be arranged in a way that facilitates people’s mobility. There are even some offices that instead of having several desks or couches spread around, they have big desks that can fit up to 100 people. People in favor of hot-desking argue that it gives people more freedom in the workplace and this, in turn, brings better results to the companies.

Music and Game Rooms

The concept of the boring traditional break room has changed greatly in the last years. Some of them have been turned into game rooms or music rooms. In them, employees have the chance to relax and take their mind off whatever is concerning them, both in their personal and work lives. As a result, the stress levels among employees are reduced, increasing the team’s motivation and creativity.

Even though these innovative changes in the workspace have become highly popular recently, they are not practical for all companies. As it was mentioned above, the ideal office space design must be based on the particular cultural identity of each business. What works for A may not work for B, and vice versa. However, one thing is certain: the workplace is nothing like what it used to be 50 years ago. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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