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The cargo industry faces many challenges on a daily basis; from logistics to security there are many aspects of the daily operations that need to be carefully attended. This theory applies not only to shipping containers but also to portable storage units. (Related topic: storage containers for sale DuPage County, Illinois)

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Recently, 83 shipping containers tumbled from a cargo ship, washing up loads of sanitary products on the beaches of New South Wales in Australia. Although 90 percent of the debris has been cleaned up, it’s still too soon to know if more debris will continue to wash ashore.

In other places of the world, cargo has fallen to the sea from their vessels, forcing companies and governments to spend thousands of hours and dollars trying to find and recover their containers. Further, this represents great losses for all the parties involved as well as for the environment.

Tracking technology and devices for the cargo industry are reaching new high standards as a way to solve the problem of shipping containers tracking and location. Further, this same technology can be implemented in portable storage containers as an aid in cases of theft.

These tracking devices can be monitored using many different tools, such as complex software that not only allows for tracking but also for predictive analytics and environmental condition monitoring.

In the case of the 83 missing containers, most of them are still missing and, although RMS has lodged a request with Australia’s Defence Force to find the remainder of the containers and investigate retrieval options, it’s going to be an arduous and difficult task to complete, something that could be easily solved by implementing the right tracking device. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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