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vasectomy reversal NY

The swift road to recovery after vasectomy reversal NY

Many patients are naturally concerned about whether there are any possible complications after vasectomy reversal NY, as well as the general recovery time, and how much pain they should expect. Please see below as I put you at ease by answering your important questions.

How long is the procedure itself?

Around two to three hours. You can expect to remain in the hospital for several more hours after the vasectomy reversal surgery. There are some factors (such as the presence of inflammation or scarring) that can prolong the time it takes for the surgeon to perform a vasectomy reversal NY.

Vasectomy reversal NY

Are they any possible complications of vasectomy reversal NY?

Thankfully, complications following vasectomy reversal surgeryare rare, although sometimes complications such as infections or scrotal hematoma can occur.To ensure you are not suffering from any complications, it is best to monitor your recovery. Check for signs of fever, or a painful red incision (which could mean an infected wound).In the case of scrotal hematoma, sufferers will notice excessive bleeding beneath the surface of the skin. This will be evidenced by swelling and a throbbing pain.
Vasectomy reversal NY

How painful will it be?

As is to be expected, people recovering from vasectomy reversal surgery will experience pain differently. Some might only experience slight discomfort that, after a few days of pain relief to ease the pain will go away. Others may find it somewhat more bothersome. Either way, it is highly recommended that you use icepacks during your recovery.

Vasectomy reversal NY

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