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The Use of Desiccant Packs in the Army

Desiccant packs are used to absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals.  Since they protect against moisture, they also protect against rust and mildew.  They are packaged in Kraft Paper or Tyveck and filled with different drying agents such as silica gel, clay, and molecular sieve.  Desiccant packs have become very popular in the United States because of their ability to protect different types of products.  In addition, they have been utilized by the military throughout history.  Here are the different ways that the army uses desiccant packs.  (Relate topics: protective packaging)

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Pharmaceutical Supplies

Moisture can affect the potency, shelf life, and functionality of pharmaceutical supplies.  In the military, these supplies are essential to properly take care of the health of the soldiers.  That being said, desiccant packs have played an important role in protecting the pharmaceutical supplies in the army.



Another important product that must be protected: food!  A lot of food will get ruined by exposure to humid environments, including coffee, spices, dry fruits, vegetables, pre-cooked food; the list goes on and on.  Moisture can change the texture of these foods and also cause mold, making them inedible.



Moisture and electronics are never a good mix, and the military requires a lot of electronic devices!  This includes phones, radios, computers, software.  These devices are expensive, and if they get wet, it could cause them to lose functionality.



Military shipments of heavy machinery include nuclear weapons, jet engines, missiles, and more.  This machinery is necessary protection for the army.  Since these shipments are coming from around the world, they are usually exposed to different conditions.  The use of desiccant packs are crucial in protecting these products.

Desiccant packs have proven very useful for the military throughout history.  There are also humidity indicator cards that can be included in each shipment.  These cards indicate the level of humidity that a package was exposed to so that the receiver knows if they should check the products for damage.