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One of the coolest decorations at parties, after ice sculptures and fire throwing marble dragons, are balloon arches, especially, when it comes to children’s parties. Nevertheless, they’re pretty popular with adults as well. They’re often seen at weddings, graduations and corporate events amongst many others. But buying or having one custom made can be rather expensive so, how can you build your very own balloon arch? Learn the step-by-step process below. (Related topic: celebration facility)

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You’re going to need:

A PVC pipe or really thick yet flexible metal wire.

Balloons (As many as you need).

An air pump for filling in the balloons.

A cord or wire to tie the globes.

A piece of cardboard the same size you want from the balloon (this will be used as a stencil).

A bag of sand to supports each side of the arch.

Flowers or other items for decoration.

This is how you’ll put it together:

Fill with air all of the balloons you need for your arch; you can either use the stencil to make them all the same size or doing it freely if you want a different effect.

The balloons must be tied together where the knots are. If you want to prevent the cord from showing, you can use ribbons instead for a more decorative effect.

Form an arch with the balloons and start tie in then to the wire or PVC tube but make sure to shape the arch first. Then, make sure you are securing the balloons as many times throughout the arch as necessary.

We recommend using balloons of different colors to create a more playful and attractive design. However, you can go with a single tone as well if you want a more solid effect.

Once you’re done attaching the balloons to the arch, you can start adding any extra decorations, such as flowers, lights, etc. Just make sure you are careful enough not to break the balloons that you already attached to the chair. is a high ranking blog, press release and news publishing website. We publish content from trusted sources.

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