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Tips on Keeping Your Storage Container Clean

Storage containers are gaining popularity because they’re an affordable and safe place to store belongings.  They are trusted because of their durability and weather-resistance.  Since people have confidence in their protection, they store their valuable items in them.  Sometimes, however, people forget that they need to keep their portable storage container clean to maintain its condition.

A big part of keeping a storage container clean is keeping it organized.  When there are items scattered and unorganized, it makes cleaning a much harder task.  Therefore, the first important factor in keeping your portable storage container clean is keeping it in order.  You can do so by stacking containers by size and weight, placing your valuables on shelves, and not putting any items in your container that invites bugs; this includes food, animals, and items with strong smells.  Once your portable storage container is arranged, follow these steps to keep it clean.

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Cleaning Tips

  • Sweep Regularly – When you sweep regularly, you’ll get rid of any built-up debris. You should begin by sweeping inside the storage container and then continue sweeping around the outside.
  • Wash with Water – When you wash out your portable storage container with water, you’ll get rid of bad smells, stains, and chemicals. By doing so, you will also get rid of any bugs that are living in your container as well.
  • Check for Rust and Holes – You should regularly check your storage container for rust and holes so that you can fix the issue before it causes other problems. This is especially important if you just purchased a used storage container.
  • Inspect the Container – In addition to checking for holes and rust, you should inspect your storage container for anything out of the ordinary. This includes weeds, bugs, and water damage.


Portable storage containers are an investment, so it’s important that you take care of them to maintain their quality.  If you find any issues while inspecting your storage container, contact your local storage container experts to resolve the issue.