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Understanding How a Court Views an Estate Litigation Dispute

If you ever feel hard done by in any situation, it is fair to get your compensation when you can prove your injustice. Inheritance disputes are a sensitive subject due to the matter of the case, along with going against the testator’s initial wish. This article will show how a court of law views estate litigation disputes to highlight how you should approach this situation if you ever find yourself in it. (Related: corporate law attorney near me, trusts and estate attorney)


To avoid more disappointment, wasted time, and resources, you should only pursue a dispute in court if you have a valid case. By consulting with an estate litigation lawyer, you can understand your position and where you stand in the matter.


Your Financial Situation Compared to Others’ in Will

The court will take into consideration your financial situation compared to the other trustees to help determine if it is fair for one person to receive more than another.


Your Contribution to the Testators Life 

If you played a vital role in the testator’s life, in comparison to someone else, but got rewarded less or the same, you may be in a strong position to dispute the will.


If You Have Family and Other Responsibilities

If you have a family that you must take care of and the other trustees do not, you may be able to dispute the will in your favor.


The Testator Was Not Mentally Able to Make Coherent Decisions

If the will was written by the testator when they were unable to make coherent decisions, you could argue this in the courtroom.


The Testator Was Coerced 

If you feel that the testator was coerced into making a decision in favor of them, you can dispute this.

As stated, estate litigation disputes are sensitive topics and should be dealt with in the most discreet and professional manner. Nevertheless, if you feel hard done by with the decision, and you have a valid claim, then you should not hesitate to dispute the will under the supervision of the law.